Tuesday, October 4, 2011

daily report

Things I have to report today...
1. Last week was spent wonderfully... A visit from one of my sisters, bumming around the house and a visit from my mother-in-law.
2. I am tired. Like 'drained' tired.
3. My children are driving me insane today.  I cannot wait for naptime so I can cuddle up in bed, with a bowl of apple crisp and some ice cream and catch up on the latest episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (insert judgement here).
4. Last, but certainly not least... The Kelley family is expanding (and so is my waistline)....

Parker is proud to announce (along with Ben, Preston and I):
'There is a baby in Mommy's tummy.'

After the miscarriage in July, we decided to let the cards fall as they may and well.. They fell right where we wanted them to.  I actually never got back to my original cycle after the miscarriage, so I called the clinic (after a very obvious positive home pregnancy test) and rambled on, to an answering machine, about when I thought I concieved, blah blah blah... They made me an appointment to have my blood drawn and then we were going to go from there.  The nurse said it would have to be at atleast 5000 and then they would have me back two days later to see if it double.  Well, I never even needed a second appointment.  My levels came back somewhere around 112,000.  The nurse almost laughed as she said, 'Yeah.. You're pregnant'.  I went in a couple of days later to see the little bugger via ultrasound. 

The baby looks great, and 'it' is measuring right on track... The only upsetting thing is that I have another blood clot on the side of the placenta, so they are going to want to monitor that again.  Hopefully this one will not rupture the way Preston's did (I will save that story for another day).

As of right now all I know is that I feel great (minus being tired) and there is a little vampire/alien thing growing inside me.

Oh... I am due May 6th, 2012
(I was 9 weeks on Sunday)

Yes, three under the age of three.. We ARE that crazy!