Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've got a little venting to do... (just a warning)

So... I am getting really sick of people putting themselves on a high horse because they're still breastfeeding, use cloth diapers or have uncircumcised children. I am not saying that mothers shouldn't do that and that I disagree with those choices, but please stop cramming those topics down my throat! Please note.. I am NOT talking about everyone that I know who happen to do these things, there are a select few that I am talking about (and even people I don't know who have been posting these topics everywhere I turn lately).

I understand and support the fact that everyone parents differently and has different choices on what is right for them and their families, so I just ask that everyone has that open mind. Just because you breastfed longer than I did doesn't mean you love your children any more than I do or that your way is any better than mine. I still provide nourishment for my children and believe me.. We still have our cuddle time where we get to reconnect!

My boys have circumcised penises, were on formula once they were three months old, and my diaper pail is full of disposable diapers... But guess what... I love those kids with my whole heart. I used the information that I had and my gut feelings to decide what was best for us.

Again, I am not saying you should or shouldn't do certain things... I am just asking that you sensor the way you tell people. Ok.. I am done complaining.. For now :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Believe Everything the Dr. Tells You....

I started this post yesterday, but I fell asleep before I could finish it...

So, I just got done watching Dr. Phil and I don't think I will ever do that again! The title was something about having a 'brat' for a child and how you can change it. Then, they showed videos of the mothers interacting with their children. All I can say is, I WOULD be a brat if my parents treated me the way those parents did. As the hour continued, all I saw were mothers disrespecting their children and then expecting to get it in return. One mother literally followed her toddler around the house screaming at him. I didn't hear her talk in a normal voice during her whole video.

While watching, I realized that there are so many people that do not deserve their children! I am not saying it was all of the parents fault, but one example I have was when a child was crying and saying that he didn't want to go somewhere (I can't remember if it was the park or to run errands or something). The mother dragged him through the house and out to the car while yelling at him. It didn't once occur to the mother to lower her voice, be at the child's height and ask him WHY he didn't want to go. Instead it was all his fault and she made it known that he was inconveniencing HER! It made me want to grab my boys and smother them with kisses.

Then, Dr. Phil and some other doctor came on and started telling parents what they should do if their child is a 'brat' (yes... That was the word they used). I imagined all these mothers, sitting, watching this show who would think 'Well, he's a doctor, so he might be right,' instead of hearing what he had to say with a grain of salt. Dr. Phil had the audience take a quiz about what you should do to teach your child respect and responsibility. Keep in mind... The show's topic was about kids who were about four years old. So, one of the questions was something like... What should you do if your child doesn't clean their room after being told ince? (this was about teaching them responsibility) a. Clean it for them? b. Explain why it needs to be done and have them do it. c. Let them feel the consequences. I thought it was an easy one. I figured.. 'A four year old would most likely need a reminder to clean his room and it's not that difficult to give him a lesson that he should respect his things and put them away and take care of them' I guess I was wrong. You were supposed to let him feel the consequences. So, as Dr. Phil says (literally) 'if your child leaves their toys out (and remember these kids were four year olds) you are supposed to throw them away.' I really don't understand that. I could understand taking the toy away for a few days if the child has been repeatedly told to pick it up. But instead of having a conversation about it... You're just supposed to throw it in the trash. I don't know about you ladies, but I know we wouldn't have a single toy in the house if that was our rule. I guess I don't like the idea of teaching our children that everything is expendable. Yes, I know it is just a toy, but doesn't that just show him that it has no value and it can easily be thrown out?

Another thing topic that got me angry about something about temper tantrums. Dr. Phil said that if your child is throwing a temper tantrum you are just supposed to ignore them. I agree, to an extent. There have been times (in the middle of a store, of course) where Parker is done shopping and he would sit on the floor and refuse to move (luckily, that is a temper tantrum in our house). So, when that happens I try to remain calm, ask him what is the matter (he if gives me a reason, I immediately try to fix it) but otherwise I explain that I will wait for a certain amount if time, and at the end of that time I start walking away. However, I am doing the wrong thing... I guess I should pretend that I didn't even notice it to begin with and keep walking. I wish I could have been in the audience so I could have asked him... Does that not show my child that his wants and needs are not important? Even if I can't help him right then and there, at least I am giving him the time and opportunity to tell me what is wrong. I guess my child has too much free rein if I don't make him silently follow me through the store without asking any questions.

I have been trying to show Parker how to be more respectful to people and even his toys, so any chance that I could get a little practice myself... I think I would take it.

Well, that being said, I am off to bed (if my blood pressure lowers itself soon)!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stuck in a Rut...

Lately I have had little to complain about, and that continues today. However, last night I was up thinking about how annoyed I am that I cant 'plan' anything! We are going to have a second showing on a house in less than two hours and that makes me so excited, but then I start thinking about all of the unknown stuff... When will our house be done? When will we put it on the market? How long until it sells? How much will we get for it? Will they accept our offer on the new house? How long until that house is done (yes.. We're looking at another house that needs work.. And a lot of it)? When will we move in? Ahhh...

With those questions, come more questions. We are thinking of signing Parker up for soccer and Preston up for swimming. However, should I do that where we're living now, where we might be living, or not at all?

I am the type of person who likes to have everything planned. My mind is at ease when I look at appointment calendars and to-do lists. And the recent thoughts running through my mind are beginning to haunt me! I gave been trying to stay calm and I keep reminding myself that this is a very exciting time in our life. We started our family two years ago and these next few months are going to be the start of a new adventure that will let our family grow, but that will only settle me for so long!

On a little less stressful, but equally exciting, note... I was looking around last night and I have found even more projects that I would love to dive into. I also started planning out cute docorations for the new house (yes.. I am one of those people who imagine themselves in a house the moment they walk through the door).

Well.. I am off to enjoy the country!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Make Time For Silly...

This whole Vitamin D kick that I have been on has just made me feel rejuvenated, excited for the future and downright silly.

Without even noticing, I caught myself puddle jumping with Parker today. It was so fun and almost emotional to do something so childish again. I've always been that crazy mom who is making silly faces at her kids in public to get them to laugh, or the one who encouraging (by example) the boys to have a sense of humor about things, but I am noticing more and more how much I need those feelings. Of course I love seeing my child smile, but I love seeing them smile even more if I am the one who put that smile on their face. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that I bring joy to their lives.

With this newfound yearning for silliness, I am trying to think of ways to bring fun into MY life. Like I said before, I love bringing joy to the boys' lives, but Mommy needs joy brought into her life in different ways also.

I have always enjoyed planning and hosting parties, so I am hoping to have a few more this year. Nothing spectacular... Even just game nights.

This vacation was much needed (as I have said before), so I am hoping to be able to take a couple more this year. Obviously, I won't be leaving the country again anytime soon, but even camping, a girls weekend, or a road trip with Ben will suffice my need for adventure.

I think I will be referring to the Community Education book a lot more often to find interesting classes to take. Ben and I were going to sign up for a wine tasting class (yes... They make CLASSES for that!), but getting pregnant with the littlest man kind of hindered that experience. I think it would be interesting (and entertaining) to take a cooking class, or some sort of class that allows me to have a creative outlet.

And on the more 'internal' joy path... I am hoping to take up yoga. Nothing too serious, but I love the idea of taking 'me' time to excercise, relax and be amongst like minded people!

I've noticed that the small stuff hasn't been bothering me the last couple of days and that makes me even more happy and the cycle just continues. I've been seeing my children in a more positive light and after experiencing that.. That is the only way I want to see them. I think my joy has been rubbing off onto the boys (or I'm just noticing their happiness more) also. These last couple of days have filled this house with more laughter than it has seen in a very long time, and I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for that.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vitamin D... A Drug I Highly Recommend

After being away for a week, I think it's about time to return to reality... Luckily, these last couple of days of reality have been amazing!

Mexico was a great, very needed, vacation for the whole family. It was wonderful that my sister was able to come with us because that made everything even easier... The boys traveled like perfect little angels and Ben and I even got some time away from the boys.

There were so many fun things that happened, that I truly don't know where to begin, but probably two of the most exciting things were that Preston starting rolling over and Parker had another vocabulary explosion! We spent our days drifting from the pool, to the waterpark, to the beach and stopping at the buffets in-between. It was just so exciting to see how much the boys each grew up while we were gone. Parker was so respectful while we were there and he was so low maintenance that it's not even funny (it was awesome to be completely honest). And Preston was so happy and seemed to blow through a developmental milestone (even though don't know which one... He just seemed to really 'grow up' while we were away). Nap time was such a breeze that we joked about it everyday... We'd let Parker watch a show while he laid in bed, and when the show was over, he'd turn it off, roll over and say 'bye'... Melted my heart. The best part was when his blanket was wet, so I was going to not let him sleep with it. I knew he would need to feel his silky blankie to fall asleep, so I turned off the lights and gave him Preston's (to the untrained touch.. aka, mine... they feel the exact same). However, Parker looked at me like I was a fool and immediately said 'Baby's inky (blanket). There is no fooling that man, that is for damn sure. So, instead he slept with a wet blanket and that event was added to my list of things to look back at and laugh at!

I just can't get over how wonderful it was to get away and spend time with my family in the sun. Everything just seems so much more enjoyable when my Vitamin D tank is full! Since being home, I have been spending time trying to fall back into our routine. Sadly, day lights savings and screwed me over. I guess it hasnt been that bad, but I felt like a horrible parent having the boys at Sam's Club until like 6:30 yesterday, forgetting that it was still 5:30 in our house. Not to mention Parker stayed up until 9 this evening... So annoying! I'm catching up on all the housework and all that great stuff, but the vacation was seriously what I needed to appreciate things again.

I was just in awe at the boys today. After dinner I just hung out with Preston and made him laugh until we both had tears in our eyes and I was so proud of myself that I forgot about the laundry, dishes and trash that needed to be taken out. I was living in the moment, and the great feeling I had can easily be my reminder to do it more often. And Parker had been a riot! Yes, his new found vocabulary has started getting annoying (I knew this day would come), but it is still pretty cute to have him explain everything that he possibly can... Not to mention what he did today. We were driving to a meeting and we had Sadie (one of our dogs) with us. I had been giving Parker snacks while we were driving and then I would throw one in the way back for the dog (yes.. My car is that trashed!). I can to a stop light and Parker said, 'More please Mommy.' Ahhh... It was so cute! So, I gave him some more and of course he tilted his head and said 'Dey do Mommy' (you all should know what that is in Parker speak by now). Then he proceeded to say, 'Deedee snack Mommy,' (Sadie snack Mommy). So, I threw one to the dog and he again said 'Dey do Mommy.' Alright.. I understand that many not be that adorable to many of you, but the fact that he is putting that much thought into what I am doing and what he is saying and using his manners on top of it... Ahhh... Mommyhood bliss doesn't seem too far away these days!

I originally started this to document the boys' lives, but it has turned into a place where I get to complain and obviously brag about them. Looking back (already), I wouldn't have it any other way! Of course everyday won't be perfect, but I am so proud of the lessons that I have been learning throughout this whole thing also! I am proud to report... I am a good mom! I know I'm not perfect, but goodness sake.. I do a pretty damn good job. Seeing my boys love others, learn and grow shows me that I CAN do this. Heck, I have BEEN doing it for almost two years now! With that.. I am off to bed. I'm sure tomorrow with be packed with many 'fun' adventures that I need to try to prepare for!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day of Tears...

So... Wednesday couldn't have gone ANY better!

First of all, Parker stopped playing at school to tell me that he had to go to the bathroom (it was a first of us) and his undies stayed dry the whole morning! Awww... The simple pleasures. He still didn't participate during circle time (as usual), but he did at least have a smile on his face during it. I don't get it... He'll sing and dance and do all of the actions at home, but I guess he just likes to watch everyone else (especially the other mommies) look like fools! Haha...

After school we went to the mall. I had SO much fun with the boys that I can't even believe it! We stopped and shared a pretzel (boring news to the rest of you, but we enjoyed it) and had some very deep conversations while we were sitting there. After a snack we walked around the mall and Parker was such a good listener that I cant get over it! He is usually good at the mall but this time it was seriously like nothing I have ever seen before (he stayed by me and held my hand when I asked him to, stopped when I told him to and said 'hi' 'yes, please' and 'thank you' to everyone we came in contact with. After walking around for a little bit, we stopped to use the potty (another successful visit) and I let him play in the play area (not much to report). Whenever we leave a place I ask him to help me find my car and it was just so adorable.. He'd point to cars and say 'Mommy?... NOOO!' and then when my car finally in sight he shouted, 'Mommy's car!' (two and three word phrases are his newest venture).

We were driving home and he'd hold up toys and say their color (green, blue or yellow). At first I didn't get what he was saying, but he pointed to a taxi and said, 'yellow car'. I was flabbergasted! We'd only been working with colors for two days! (I seriously started crying because of how proud I am of my boys. They are such smart, handsome and fun little boys!) Of course today he said everything was green, but I am so excited that he is taking interest in describing an object's color. His vocabulary is skyrocketing and it is so much fun to talk to him.. I love the fact that he's turning into a little parrot and will actually repeat something if you ask him to.

On top of all of that... Ben surprised me and came home a day early! So, we decided to have a family outing. Where did we go you ask? Where else but.. Fleet Farm! It was so hilarious, Parker's eyes let up like it was Christmas all over again! He ran from aisle to aisle checking out all the 'cool' stuff. We finished off our visit with another successful potty break!

So, no potty accidents, a great listening toddler, a happy baby (I didn't talk much about Preston, but he was happy and smiling as usual), and a surprise visit from my hubby... I think that is as close as we'll ever get to a perfect day!

Now, off to do some last minute packing for our vacation!