Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Precious Boys...

Dear Parker and Preston,

I just wanted to take this time to explain myself to you...

First of all, I am sorry that I have been so impatient with you lately.  Preston, I know I need to remember that you're a quick growing little boy, so when you're hungry.. You're really hungry.  However, please stop screaming at me if I don't fill your plate fast enough.  All that really does is make me want to throw the food at you.  I promise to try to keep my cool from now, but please.. Can you try too? And Parker, I KNOW the world is a very interesting place for you right now and that there are so many awesome things that catch your attention, but you're driving me a little bonkers lately! You are such a smart boy, and I know that is because you are so interested in learning, but sometimes Mommy forgets that, so please don't take it personally when I raise my voice to get you to get into the car.  Long story short.. I am sorry boys.

Even with being so exhausted, all of the time, I am so excited to start everyday with you two.  (Especially this morning.. Thank you so much Preston for waking up babbling in your room and for quietly playing in there for thirty minutes!  That was a great way for Mommy to wake up)  You both do so much for me and I am sorry if I ever take advantage of that.  You are the best things that have ever happened to me and you have taught me so much in the little time that we have had together. 

The joy that you both have just radiates and I am so thankful that I get to see that everyday (along with the tantrums, but hey..).  The love that you have for others is astonishing and I would like to think that you 'learned' that emotion from me.  I love you both so dearly that sometimes it truly hurts when I think about it. 

Oh Parker.. Don't even get me started about how proud I am of you.  You are growing into one of the most amazing children I have ever seen.  You are funny, smart, sensitive and freakin' adorable.  Words can not express how happy you make me.  Like I said before.. You also drive me bonkers, but all I need is one of your sideways goofy looks and you have me wrapped around your finger again.  Preston, please don't think that I don't see those things from you, because I do.  I am just really excited for you to be able to vocalize your personality the way your brother can.  I already have witnessed the amazing little boy you're growing into and these next few years are going to be so fun and interesting with you that I cannot wait!

I feel so blessed every time I think about each of you and I cannot wait to see what truly wonderful things you do in your futures. I love you both so much... Even on our 'worst' days!

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