Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creative Addiction...

So.. These last few days/weeks I have been drooling over many adorable 'crafty' projects.  Luckily, my wonderful husband thought I deserved a new sewing machine so my list of 'must complete craft projects' has just doubled in size!  Now, if only I have a ton of money to buy all the little things that I need to go along with these wonderful ideas... Even though I haven't been graced with an unlimited Crafts Direct shopping spree, I have decided that I will start (AND FINISH) a project every two weeks. I know that doesn't sound like 'that' many, but I figure that I have other commitments (like my children) that require more attention.

I haven't kept up with blogging as much as I have wanted, so hopefully this will not dwindle off too!

I will keep you all posted and I think I will spend the rest of the weekend deciding on my first 'new' project...

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