Tuesday, January 15, 2013


me: 'what are you guys doing upstairs?'
parker: 'we're just playing hide and seek.'

{insert metal image of two adorable boys running from room to room looking for each other, 
accompanied by the sound of their little feet on the hardwood floor and 
giggles as they catch each other}

welcome back to reality!
what he actually meant is that they were dumping out rubermaid containers of clothes, six to be exact, into a giant pile and laying in them.  

what is the worst part?  
i had just organized those containers... some were too small for spencer that needed to be put in the basement, some that are still a little too big for spencer that were in his closet, some were my clothes, and some were too small for parker, but not quite preston's size.  

great.. so i have a mountain of clothes and i have to re-sort all of them! it looks like gymboree puked all over my bedroom floor! ugh, i'm too sober for this!


  1. Did my other comment go through... I am STILL technologically illiterate!

  2. Oh Betsy! How awful... let's get together soon... want me to come over tomorrow and help you sort through the clothes again! Really! J's cough is MUCH better!
    I haven't read your blog for some time... a LONG time... I just read down for the last several posts and I am reminded of what a "cool" person you are!!! I just got done reading the post about not having enough money to buy even the basics... I hear ya! But, considering, as you wrote... that leaves us to snuggle more, stay in reading together, playing together, just being together etc. WHY do we need more ($.. or whatever..) we don't! Of course it is nice to make a trip to Crafts Direct or IKEA and not worry about the checkbook... ;)!
    Speaking of which, I better get back to the two greatest things that ever happened to me... and get ready to snuggle up to a few (or more if they stay awake) books!!! :)