Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Mommyhood...

Exhausted. Proud. Sad. Excited. What do those four words have in common?  They are all describing how I feel this very moment.

Exhausted... I am a mother of two little ones.. Need I say more? Haha.. I will anyways.  Ok, where do I begin.  Well, Preston isn't the robot baby that Parker was and has been having some sleep issues (I will cover that more in a minute).  I have been so insanely busy this week that I don't know what to do with myself.  Between five playdates so far, a dinner date, two appointments with the boys, remembering snack for school tomorrow (I am reminding myself there, by the way), planning a reunion, having a baby baptized, having a baby turn two (which is very mentally exhausting, if you ask me), and planning a party to celebrate the baptism and birthday... I think I found time to shower once this week.  I honestly don't remember if that is a joke or if I am serious.  Either way.. If I did not feel a strong emotional urge to write this, I woud most definately be sleeping right now.  So.. You better enjoy it!

Proud... I know this may sound a little insane, but I am going to toot my own horn right now (get ready)... Ok, so like I said before, Preston has been having sleep issues.  Here is what our nights have turned into... Put him down around 7:30.  He goes down without a problem.  He gets put in his crib awake and falls asleep no problem.  Around 10 he wakes up. Around 12 he wakes up. Around 2 he wakes up. Around 4 he wakes up. Around 6 he wakes up. Then, finally at 7:30 he comes into bed with me and the boys and I cuddle before we start our days.  Ok, so about him waking up a million times.  He wakes up crying.  He barely eats.  He does not open his eyes.  Most of the time I massage his lower back and he goes right back to sleep.  And I am not just talking about barely rubbing his back.. I mean really massaging!  Odd, don't you think?  A six month old (eek.. he's already six months) should not be in pain and especially need massages every night.  So, I took it upon myself to solve this problem.  I took him to the chiropractor on Wednesday and Dr. Shawn noticed that his whole left hip is locked into place.  I sat there, listening, while he explained some of the things I may have noticed... And then I shared the things I noticed with him.. When I hold Preston on my left hip, he is just fine.  When I hold him on my right, he completely faces forward so he is completely turned away from his left hip (Dr. Shawn believes this is because Preston wanted to keep that leg as straight as possible and that was the only way to relieve the pressure).  I also noticed that Preston sits up insanely straight (Dr. Shawn said that was pretty much the same thing and if I let this problem go unnoticed, Preston may not have ever formed the natural curve in his back that is supposed to be there).  So, little things that I am happy that I DIDN'T let go unnoticed, turned out to be a major issue and I am just proud of myself for taking the little man in and hopefully we will all be able to solve this problem.  So yes.. I am proud I fulfilled my job as a mother this week and thought outside the box to get him the care that he so obviously needs!

Sad... I am writing this on the eve of Parker's second birthday.  Yes, second!  Where in the heck did my little baby go?  I know I have 'newer model', but still... The things he says and does everyday should not be happening.  Two.  Seriously.  Where did that time go?

Excited... With that feeling of sadness at the thought (ok.. truth) that Parker is growing up, also comes an overwhelming feeling of excitement.  He has grown into such an amazing little human being in these last two years (as fast as they may have gone) and I feel so much joy when I think about so many things when I think of the future.  What type of boy will he continue to grow to be?  What amazing adventures will he/we/our entire family have in the coming years? What interesting things will he learn?  How will I find a way to handle all of this without my heart exploding?  These last couple of years have been a roller coaster for our family, and I just thank God everyday that our highs seem to out number our lows.  I have so much to be thankful for and I am so excited to see what other blessings God decides to give us.. Kelley Baby Numero Tres maybe? Haha.. Only time will tell!

So ladies and gentlemen... That is that. And the part that I find the most sickening out of all of it is.. I love what I am doing.  As crabby, exhausted, and smelly as I may be at times.. I LOVE MY JOB! Ok, I am overly emotional I guess and I should probably stop writing before the tears start coming.  Crap, too late!  Well, I have too much to do and I do not have time to cry right now.  So, I hope this post finds you at the right time and reminds you that it is all over way too soon, so we best take advantage of every moment while we still can.  Night all!

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