Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day of Tears...

So... Wednesday couldn't have gone ANY better!

First of all, Parker stopped playing at school to tell me that he had to go to the bathroom (it was a first of us) and his undies stayed dry the whole morning! Awww... The simple pleasures. He still didn't participate during circle time (as usual), but he did at least have a smile on his face during it. I don't get it... He'll sing and dance and do all of the actions at home, but I guess he just likes to watch everyone else (especially the other mommies) look like fools! Haha...

After school we went to the mall. I had SO much fun with the boys that I can't even believe it! We stopped and shared a pretzel (boring news to the rest of you, but we enjoyed it) and had some very deep conversations while we were sitting there. After a snack we walked around the mall and Parker was such a good listener that I cant get over it! He is usually good at the mall but this time it was seriously like nothing I have ever seen before (he stayed by me and held my hand when I asked him to, stopped when I told him to and said 'hi' 'yes, please' and 'thank you' to everyone we came in contact with. After walking around for a little bit, we stopped to use the potty (another successful visit) and I let him play in the play area (not much to report). Whenever we leave a place I ask him to help me find my car and it was just so adorable.. He'd point to cars and say 'Mommy?... NOOO!' and then when my car finally in sight he shouted, 'Mommy's car!' (two and three word phrases are his newest venture).

We were driving home and he'd hold up toys and say their color (green, blue or yellow). At first I didn't get what he was saying, but he pointed to a taxi and said, 'yellow car'. I was flabbergasted! We'd only been working with colors for two days! (I seriously started crying because of how proud I am of my boys. They are such smart, handsome and fun little boys!) Of course today he said everything was green, but I am so excited that he is taking interest in describing an object's color. His vocabulary is skyrocketing and it is so much fun to talk to him.. I love the fact that he's turning into a little parrot and will actually repeat something if you ask him to.

On top of all of that... Ben surprised me and came home a day early! So, we decided to have a family outing. Where did we go you ask? Where else but.. Fleet Farm! It was so hilarious, Parker's eyes let up like it was Christmas all over again! He ran from aisle to aisle checking out all the 'cool' stuff. We finished off our visit with another successful potty break!

So, no potty accidents, a great listening toddler, a happy baby (I didn't talk much about Preston, but he was happy and smiling as usual), and a surprise visit from my hubby... I think that is as close as we'll ever get to a perfect day!

Now, off to do some last minute packing for our vacation!


  1. Yay for you guys!!!! I can't believe Parker knows colors and the Fleet Farm thing is too funny!

  2. Hurray for a good day! Jackson is an observer too. No matter what the activity is, he never jumps right in. He'd rather observe, sometimes for multiples visits, before he tries it out himself. It takes a lot of confidence to allow your child to have that kind of time to get comfortable when you feel some weird sort of pressure for him to do it "right" and "participate" at least according to the other people around you (in their eyes they *are* participating when they watch!). One thing that we've found helpful is talking about things before we do them and "practicing" at home. Before his first trip to bounce depot, we showed him the pictures of the inflatables on the website and talked all about what it was going to be like. It still took him a little while once he got there, but he warmed up much faster that way. Sweet little boys like ours are so precious and they need a little extra TLC sometimes. He's lucky to have a Mommy willing to give him that! :)