Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vitamin D... A Drug I Highly Recommend

After being away for a week, I think it's about time to return to reality... Luckily, these last couple of days of reality have been amazing!

Mexico was a great, very needed, vacation for the whole family. It was wonderful that my sister was able to come with us because that made everything even easier... The boys traveled like perfect little angels and Ben and I even got some time away from the boys.

There were so many fun things that happened, that I truly don't know where to begin, but probably two of the most exciting things were that Preston starting rolling over and Parker had another vocabulary explosion! We spent our days drifting from the pool, to the waterpark, to the beach and stopping at the buffets in-between. It was just so exciting to see how much the boys each grew up while we were gone. Parker was so respectful while we were there and he was so low maintenance that it's not even funny (it was awesome to be completely honest). And Preston was so happy and seemed to blow through a developmental milestone (even though don't know which one... He just seemed to really 'grow up' while we were away). Nap time was such a breeze that we joked about it everyday... We'd let Parker watch a show while he laid in bed, and when the show was over, he'd turn it off, roll over and say 'bye'... Melted my heart. The best part was when his blanket was wet, so I was going to not let him sleep with it. I knew he would need to feel his silky blankie to fall asleep, so I turned off the lights and gave him Preston's (to the untrained touch.. aka, mine... they feel the exact same). However, Parker looked at me like I was a fool and immediately said 'Baby's inky (blanket). There is no fooling that man, that is for damn sure. So, instead he slept with a wet blanket and that event was added to my list of things to look back at and laugh at!

I just can't get over how wonderful it was to get away and spend time with my family in the sun. Everything just seems so much more enjoyable when my Vitamin D tank is full! Since being home, I have been spending time trying to fall back into our routine. Sadly, day lights savings and screwed me over. I guess it hasnt been that bad, but I felt like a horrible parent having the boys at Sam's Club until like 6:30 yesterday, forgetting that it was still 5:30 in our house. Not to mention Parker stayed up until 9 this evening... So annoying! I'm catching up on all the housework and all that great stuff, but the vacation was seriously what I needed to appreciate things again.

I was just in awe at the boys today. After dinner I just hung out with Preston and made him laugh until we both had tears in our eyes and I was so proud of myself that I forgot about the laundry, dishes and trash that needed to be taken out. I was living in the moment, and the great feeling I had can easily be my reminder to do it more often. And Parker had been a riot! Yes, his new found vocabulary has started getting annoying (I knew this day would come), but it is still pretty cute to have him explain everything that he possibly can... Not to mention what he did today. We were driving to a meeting and we had Sadie (one of our dogs) with us. I had been giving Parker snacks while we were driving and then I would throw one in the way back for the dog (yes.. My car is that trashed!). I can to a stop light and Parker said, 'More please Mommy.' Ahhh... It was so cute! So, I gave him some more and of course he tilted his head and said 'Dey do Mommy' (you all should know what that is in Parker speak by now). Then he proceeded to say, 'Deedee snack Mommy,' (Sadie snack Mommy). So, I threw one to the dog and he again said 'Dey do Mommy.' Alright.. I understand that many not be that adorable to many of you, but the fact that he is putting that much thought into what I am doing and what he is saying and using his manners on top of it... Ahhh... Mommyhood bliss doesn't seem too far away these days!

I originally started this to document the boys' lives, but it has turned into a place where I get to complain and obviously brag about them. Looking back (already), I wouldn't have it any other way! Of course everyday won't be perfect, but I am so proud of the lessons that I have been learning throughout this whole thing also! I am proud to report... I am a good mom! I know I'm not perfect, but goodness sake.. I do a pretty damn good job. Seeing my boys love others, learn and grow shows me that I CAN do this. Heck, I have BEEN doing it for almost two years now! With that.. I am off to bed. I'm sure tomorrow with be packed with many 'fun' adventures that I need to try to prepare for!

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