Thursday, March 17, 2011

Make Time For Silly...

This whole Vitamin D kick that I have been on has just made me feel rejuvenated, excited for the future and downright silly.

Without even noticing, I caught myself puddle jumping with Parker today. It was so fun and almost emotional to do something so childish again. I've always been that crazy mom who is making silly faces at her kids in public to get them to laugh, or the one who encouraging (by example) the boys to have a sense of humor about things, but I am noticing more and more how much I need those feelings. Of course I love seeing my child smile, but I love seeing them smile even more if I am the one who put that smile on their face. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that I bring joy to their lives.

With this newfound yearning for silliness, I am trying to think of ways to bring fun into MY life. Like I said before, I love bringing joy to the boys' lives, but Mommy needs joy brought into her life in different ways also.

I have always enjoyed planning and hosting parties, so I am hoping to have a few more this year. Nothing spectacular... Even just game nights.

This vacation was much needed (as I have said before), so I am hoping to be able to take a couple more this year. Obviously, I won't be leaving the country again anytime soon, but even camping, a girls weekend, or a road trip with Ben will suffice my need for adventure.

I think I will be referring to the Community Education book a lot more often to find interesting classes to take. Ben and I were going to sign up for a wine tasting class (yes... They make CLASSES for that!), but getting pregnant with the littlest man kind of hindered that experience. I think it would be interesting (and entertaining) to take a cooking class, or some sort of class that allows me to have a creative outlet.

And on the more 'internal' joy path... I am hoping to take up yoga. Nothing too serious, but I love the idea of taking 'me' time to excercise, relax and be amongst like minded people!

I've noticed that the small stuff hasn't been bothering me the last couple of days and that makes me even more happy and the cycle just continues. I've been seeing my children in a more positive light and after experiencing that.. That is the only way I want to see them. I think my joy has been rubbing off onto the boys (or I'm just noticing their happiness more) also. These last couple of days have filled this house with more laughter than it has seen in a very long time, and I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for that.

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