Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why I Am Here...

A friend of mine recently asked me why I started/what made me start blogging.... So, I guess I will try to write a complete thought before going off on my typical tangents. 

I have had many times where I have a genius idea to keep track of the boys' milestones, cute things they say or do and even just our daily activities.  However, all of those turn into a huge failure.. If you can't tell by my lack of consistency with blogging.  Anyways...

I mostly started this for them.  I hoped that someday I could print off my posts and give it to them as a book of their 'story'.  But the more I thought about it and the more I wrote, the more I realized that I was the one that really needed this, not so much them! Seriously.. My whole day is about them, I deserve a few moments to myself from time to time! : )

Don't get me wrong, I know most of the time I am either bragging about them or cursing about them to you all, but that is for ME.  Blogging is my way to share my stories, strengths and insecurities with you all.  And with that... Even more reason to write was born.  I know some of you who read don't have kids, but many of you do (and most of you will someday) and the response that I received from what I wrote was outstanding.  I was told that it was like I was writing what others were thinking, but weren't sure if it was ok to say.  Well, I have never been much a person to follow the rules of etiquette, so I will be the 'bad' one that makes you all feel normal.

Seriously though, there are so many moms/wives/women out there that often feel the exact same way that I do and we are all just begging to know that what we are feeling is completely normal.  My days aren't all rainbows and sunshine and neither are yours, and guess what.. That is ok.  I would be more concerned if my life was 'perfect'... How boring and scary would that be?

I started this with the idea that maybe a couple of moms that I know would check it out and maybe my mom would read it to see what the boys have been up to (and I know that my following isn't big by any means), but I never thought I would have the support that I do.  And you may all think that I don't want to hear it, but I love when you guys bug me about not posting for awhile.  That is another main reason of why I wanted to make it public... I want others to know that this is important to me and help me keep this a priority.  You may think you're nagging me, but it is a kick in the butt and a confidence boost all in one when you kindly (or not so kindly) remind that I am neglecting my online life!  So please.. Remind me when you want more!  I can't promise that it will be good, but I do promise to put in an effort.  So, thanks Jessica for requesting this.. It got me to sit back down and remind myself WHY I should be posting more!

Like I have said before, I have big plans for this blog (someday) and with the help/following of you guys, I hope it can become something that I am very proud of!

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