Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Thursday?

I back, and happy to report that it seems like everyone is feeling better.  After a horrible night, of course...
I was up, most of the night, tossing and turning and not being able to get comfortable.  Great, right? And of course right when I seemed to doze of to sleep again, Parker was screaming for me from his room.  He NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night, so I rushed in there to find puke on his bed.  Awesome. I cleaned him up and he crawled into my bed while I stripped his bed.  During that time, Preston woke up.  Awesome, again.  I made him a bottle and turned his music back on, hoping that he would just doze off back to sleep.  Wrong.  He was up for about an hour.  Luckily, he wasn't really crying... More just babbling.  So, I went back to bed and looked to see that it was already almost 6am.  (Preston is usually up at 6, so I got super worried that I wouldn't be allowed to fall back to sleep.  Thankfully, Preston talked himself back to sleep and I got to sleep in until 7:30.  In the meantime, I woke (probably around 6:30) to find Parker reaching across the bed, holding my hand while he slept.  I almost lost it.  I felt so bad that I was so short with the boys the day before.  Their poor little bodies just needed some comfort and I was just way too stressed to give it to them at the time.  (Sorry guys!)  Anyways, I got up with Preston and brought him down to the playroom.  The great mom that I am, I passed out on the floor with one of their beanbag chairs and a blanket.  I woke up to Parker right infront of my face, 'HI MOM!'  I may have had peed my pants a little bit.. It scared the living daylights out of me... And at that moment I was so jealous of that little bugger... How could he be puking (in his sleep) just a couple of hours ago and now he is perfectly fine?  I wasn't even sick and I needed more recovery time than the both of them!

We ate breakfast and by that time it was already time for Preston's first nap (thank goodness)!

I laid him down and crawled back into bed.  Parker laid next to me, watching his 'shows' and I got a couple more hours of rest! That was followed by a sudden burst of energy, maybe because I knew if I laid around the house the WHOLE day that I would feel even more miserable.  So, we ran some errands and went out for lunch.

We made it home for afternoon naps (yes, I took one too) and they were wonderful!

After naptime we went out for some much needed exercise (ok.. they didn't exercise, but they got fresh air).  We took the bike to the grocery store and I was even feeling a little productive because I took the long way.  I don't have a bike lock yet, so I was super paranoid that someone was going to steal my brand new bike.  So I ran around the store like a crazy person to return to find my bike and trailer just the way I had left it.. Covered in Goldfish crackers.. Thanks boys!  I pedaled home and we had a quiet (lazy mom) dinner.  I am not even going to admit what I fed them because it was slightly pathetic. 

Preston and I had some cuddle time before bed and he was more than happy to see his blankie waiting for him in his crib.  He buried his face in it, tossed his nuk in his mouth and pretty much kicked me out the door.  The rest of the night Parker and I played fishing games and snuggled up to read books.  I think I need to start changing out the books we read everynight because even he has them memorizied and when I started reading he said, 'No Mommy, I read to you now.'  Of course he was just looking at the pictures, but I am going to say that my kid is a genius!

And as I look around my house, which a huge disaster may I add, I have decided that I am going to continue with what I started this morning and not do a dang thing.  I will finish writing this and crawl back into my cave to hopefully pass out for a very long time!

I do want to touch on a few things I love, though...
You all know my obsession with Pinterest and through that I have found some really awesome blogs that I like to 'stalk' (when I find the time). 
Here are a few that I suggest:

*she actually just had another child to add to that*
It is a beautifully written blog about her life... I suggest reading 'Our Love Story' it will give you a lot of insight into her posts.

An inspirational site that also has some great tutorials!

Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.
All I can say that if you enjoy my blog... You will LOVE hers.  Check it out.  It is a must!

Never say Never
Amanda and I met through a mutual friend.  She started posting to me about how much she enjoyed my honesty about parenthood (she does not have children) and once I found out she had started a blog, I of course had to check it out.  Amanda is a very sweet girl and I love the fact that I can stay updated on her life (and yes.. I know that sounded very stalker-ish).  Anyways, I find it very intriguing to see what I 'normal' girls my age are doing, and by that I mean girls my age that don't already have two rug rats running around...

And here are a couple more that I have started dabbling in...
Motherhood, WTF?
To be honest, I haven't read too much of it, but by the title.. I think I will love it!

Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva
Seriously.. I want to meet his lady.  She seems like a roit!

Well, I am off to bed, oh wait..
Another Thing I LOVE... (I have been eating it the whole time I was writing)
Angie's Artisan Treats: Caramel Kettle Corn
So. Delicously. Good.

Ps.. Please don't fall utterly in love with those other blogs and forget about me.. I would miss you too much!

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