Thursday, September 15, 2011

you gotta love fall..

It's beginning to be my favorite time of year!

I am sitting here with a cup of warm apple cider, enjoying the smell from the chili that is in the crock pot and loving the brisk air that I felt on my nose when I ran errands this morning.  There is nothing like it.. Fall!

Over the past couple of years I have become slightly obsessed with Halloween/the fall season and year by year, the obsession grows.  I have been scouring Pinterest (surprise! surprise!) and I wanted to share a few of my newest 'loves'... Now if only I could actually make/buy thes magical treasures and have them spread throughout my house.

White pumpkins and initals.. Heaven!

So easy!  Yet, I will probably never get around to making this!


All I need is a new frontdoor (seriously.. embarrassing) and I will totally be all over this!

Too cute!

All this is, is a white pumpkin with tights over it.  Seriously.. Who thinks up this genius-ness?

Such a cute centerpiece!

Looking at all of these, I guess you could say I have a slight obsession with white pumpkins, not just fall! 

There are so many fun things to do and great crafts to make in the fall.. Hopefully I will get around to doing some of it (with and without the kids) because... Ahhh.. Seriously.. I am just so excited!

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