Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday...

So today I felt is very overwhelming urge toncry. I don't know why and I didn't actually, but all day I've just had a really bad case of the Mondays.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Mondays are my first day alone again until Ben gets back into town, but either way... I don't like it. It also really doesn't help that I had a horrible migrane. To all of you who have had one, you know what I mean when I say if left like my brain was going to explode and that my eyes were going to burst out of my head, and if you have never had the opportunity to have one... I promise that I will not wish the feeling of one on you. Luckily, some extra strength Tylenol, a nap and some mac and cheese seemed to cure it. It just drives me bonkers that I don't get them when I am pregnant... You know what that means? Ha.. Right!

It probably doesn't help that this weather is very depressing. I think I am going to go tanning a couple of times next winter just so I'm not such a Debbie Downer. I swear, I feel bi-polar. This whole 'Mommyhood Bliss' journey has been going really good, so that makes me happy and want to cry and then two seconds later I feel so exhausted that I feel like I am going to cry. Hormones and lack of sleep are probably two of my least favorite things right now! I just wish It was summer (heck, I'd take spring) and Ben was home every night. Sometimes I feel so tired and anxious for bedtime because I'm worried at how Preston will sleep, so I stay up thinking he will be up any minute and those are the nights he sleeps wonderfully! Oh well, if that is all I have to complain about, I think I'm doing ok!

However, I have a couple of very good things to report...

While shopping today, Parker stopped me to tell me that he needed to go potty. It's not his first time doing it in public, but since potty training has lost the fun for both Parker and I, it was a huge success. Plus, it was pretty cute to see how excited he was when an elderly lady congratulated him for making it in time.

I recently bought the boys some different colored animal posters to hang in the playroom so we could practice animals, colors and shapes and it quickly because Parker's new favorite activity. It was adorable to watch him do his 'crazy laugh' (a laugh where he bends at the waist, twiddles his fingers and literally laugh like a crazy person) when he got them right. My silly little lunatic!

We've also been working on manners. 'No thank you' and 'Yes please' are high on that list. So it was pretty cute when I asked him if I could give him a smooch and he replied, 'No dey do' (thank you) while tilting his head to the side like he does when the words 'thank you'come out of his mouth! Ahhhh... He melts my heart.

I've got another little man that melts my heart (besides Ben of course). Preston was so happy today. I love to watch him smile and laugh. It is especially adorable to watch how excited he gets when Parker talks to sings to him. I am so excited to see what shanannigans those two get into when they're older (and yes, I know I will regret saying that later).

Well, it is off to bed for his momma.


  1. Seriously... Sorry for all the typos. I shouldn't write past 10 anymore!

  2. I have a bad case of spring fever here and so do the kids! It's so much better being able to go to parks all the time! Being tired and getting migraines sure doesn't help matters. I get those too. Hopefully Spring will come quickly!