Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Date Night?!?!

Ben came to visit us from Mankato and we decided to leave the boys with Nana and have a date night. Weird, I know! Went went to the Gap and walked around a bit, went to the grocery store to buy candy for the movie because I am cheap and went to Lincoln Lawyer. It was so much fun to be able to goof off and not need to strap a car seat in at every stop or stop for potty breaks. Don't get me wrong.. I absolutely love my children (I will get to that in a minute), but it was so nice to have time where the adults get to act like children. The movie was pretty good also!

After the movie we went out for pizza. We sat there for like two hours just talking. It was so refreshing to check in with each other and get on the same page about everything again. We talked about our goals in life, goals in parenting, goals of this whole project of the blog, drama going on in our lives, and of course we talked about the boys. I have catching a lot of heat lately because I'm not afraid to open my mouth and tell it how I see it, how I parent my kids and how much time I spend online. All I really have to say about all of that is, 'No one is making you read this. If you have a problem with what I am saying, please don't come back. I am not writing to please anyone but myself. I spend all of my days (and nights) worrying about others and trying to keep two little faces smiling. So, if I find a free moment, you're damn right I am going to spend it however I want.' That being said, I am very lucky to have a very supportive husband. He showers me with endless compliments about what I am doing and I could not be more thankful for that. He has a very tough job of being away for days at a time and that in return gives me a difficult job of being the only parent for days on end. If you have read my previous posts, you would see that I am not here to compete, so why is it so important for some people to try? I am not interested in having a 'pissing contest.' with any of you, so please stop challenging me! I do not have time to be fake or phony (I obviously have to use that time to check my facebook... Grrrr...) so please stop doing it yourself or asking me loaded questions. We all know I will not answer the way you want me to, so the outcome will not change.

When we started talking about the boys and how much they have made our lives worth living, I started crying to imagine them not here. Not only that, but being away from them for a couple of hours made me miss them so I cannot imagine how depressed I would be if I wasn't here all of them time to see how much Preston loves to smile and laugh or the insanely awesome and entertaining personlity that Parker has. I have so many great memories that happen everyday and these boys are my drug. I NEED them. Luckily, I know that. I use that to treasure them. Yes, they drive me bonkers at times, but that makes me enjoy the good moments even more. They are truly wonderful children (I think all kids are if you give them the love and attention they deserve) and I believe that is in part to the great job that Ben and I do. You can choose to disgree (as I am sure that some of you will), but I think we make our children happy, loving boys. Yes, I agree that they were born with some parts of their personality, but I think Preston is such a happy baby because we make him happy. He doesn't just sit there and smile on his own. Our interactions with him are what makes him smile and giggle. You can't expect a baby to smile if he has never seen one.

And what do my children have to worry about? They know I am they're constant. The only time I have been away from Parker for an extended amount of time was to deliver Preston, and Preston hasn't been luck enough to have time away from yet. :) I know their cries and I bring solutions to their problems. I may have a two minute delay if one is using the potty or getting a diaper change, but if my children ask for my attention while I am on my computer, I give it to them. They are always fed and for the most part clean. :) Our home is a safe, loving enviornment where they come first. So until you can prove otherwise, I would really appreciate if worried about parenting your children and I parented mine.

And as we were ending our date, and driving home, I hit a beaver. Yes, a beaver! Ben has pictures of the massive thing if you're interested... It was a nice, comical, way to end a date night that turned pretty serious. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that Ben and I can sit for hours and not run out of things to talk about, but hitting the beaver was just icing on the cake! Ha...

Well, I should probably get off the computer now, bring Parker inside after playing with Nana and get ready before Preston wakes up so we can run some errands. Until later... Xoxo...

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  1. Can not wait to meet your boys Betsy!
    Cousin Kara