Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy to Forget...

So, I obviously told you all about the horrible night that I got to share with the boys.  Luckily, that horrible night was just that, a horrible night.  Nothing more, nothing less... We were all a little crabby the next day, but we fell into our routine and I am very excited to report that Parker was sleeping soundly the next night.  With that, Preston thought it would be very sweet to only get up once (sadly his diaper was soaked through so he got a clothing change in the middle of the night).  I don't get why I wake up more tired when I have good nights compared to the 'not so good nights'.  Either way.. I'll take what I can get!

I am very happy to share that I am successfully working on the priority list that I made... I was so happy to spend the day with the boys (and Auntie Shelly, Bapa Steve and Nana Annie).  Preston has been working so hard to sit up, babble and has been laughing uncontrollably.  It is pretty easy to make him laugh because he has the same sense of humor that Parker did at that age (weird noises, people getting hurt and being scared is a sure way to get him to laugh).  He has also been passing out kisses left and right (and his Mama is very willing to accept them).  Ahhh... I could just bite him he's so damn cute!

These last few days have been so much fun and if they are any indicator of the way Parker and I's relationship will go, I think I found my best friend.  Minus the very annoying, 'Mom, Mommy, Mmmmooommm, Mama'... Everything that has been coming out of his mouth as been a riot.  He knows how to  make my day and is very willing to do whatever it takes to do it.  Parker was always a lover, but I've been noticing that he is a lot more sensitive than I give him credit for.  He is insanely great with Preston and has been such a sweet boy lately that I truly have tears in my eyes thinking about the awesome little boy he is becoming. 

Well, I am very happy these last couple days have helped me to forget the horrible night that once was.  Hopefully tonight will continue to go smoothly so we can make more adventures tomorrow.

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