Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Itch I Can't Scratch.. For Now!

So I have had this horrible itch that I haven't been able to reach in awhile... The worst part is the fact that I think the itch is spreading. So.. I think I should just give in to the temptation and scratch the itch.

I need to to CREATE something... Anything at this point!

I have been surfing the web and as a result I have found some freakin' amazing projects that I need to learn how to make... Sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking, decorating... You name it, I want to do it!

I'm trying to return to the creative world with baby steps.. I recently worked on Parker and Preston's scrapbooks, but it doesn't feel like enough right now.

I recently thought of a few goals I have that will hopefully help me live a more creative life:
*Learn to crochet. There is a class offered at the local craftstore that I am hoping to sign up for. I know some of the most basic things, but I would be really nice to have someone there to help me if I needed it. They also have a 'crochet/knitting' night once a week, so that might be fun to hit up a couple times a month also!
*Purchase a new sewing machine (and learn how to actually use it). I had one from like the 70's or 80's, but it turned out to be more stressful than creative to try to sew on that thing!
*Learn how to actually 'use' my camera. I am totally wasting that amazing piece of equipment by shooting on auto all the time!
*Find a intereting piece of furniture and repaint it. Boring sounding.. I know, but I read a blog about giving something the aged/cottage feel and I think it would be so fun to create something like that.

I will let you all know how these goals and this urge to create pan out... But for now I am off to bed!

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