Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crappiest Saturday Ever....


So Parker has been having an issue with pooping in his diaper right after I put it on for nap or bedtime.  I have tried everything, or so it feels, so I went out looking for suggestions.  My cousin's wife recently posted on her blog ( kind of the same issue, so I asked her for help.  Parker wakes up from naps dry, so I tried having him sleep in undies and then hopefully he would yell down to me if he needed to go poop.


I was in the basement and Ben was hanging out with his brother.  I suddenly heard a bunch of yelling and I thought my brother-in-law was yelling something about the dog being lost (she was right under my feet), so I went upstairs to see what was going on. 

Needless to say, I should have stayed in the basement.

I ran upstairs to the boys room because my brother-in-law said he heard yell for my help and he thought the boys were hurt.


I cannot even begin to describe the scene, but I will try my hardest.



My guess of what happened is that Parker had an accident in his underwear and didn't want to get in trouble so he 'gave' it to his brother to deal with.  Oh my goodness.. I need to pause because my heart is starting to race again.  I wasn't mad that it happened, per say, I am more mad that Parker is that freakin' smart that he wants to hide it, but he is so stubborn that he won't go on the toilet.  Anways.. Back to the poop.  It was on the bottom of his socks, stamped into the shag rug, all over the hardwood floor (thank goodness we don't have carpet in there), all over Preston's bed and the best part...

All over Preston.

I don't just mean a little here and a little there.. I mean ALL over him! 
On his face, hands, hair, legs, and no joke.. He had an ear full of it. 

I wish I would have taken a picture at the time because I know once Parker is completely potty trained (hopefully very, very soon), I will find that moment so funny, but at the moment all I saw was red (and I guess brown).  Ben took the boys down for showers and I was upstairs scrubbing... Everything. 

I felt kind of bad though because Parker said, 'Mommy mad. I sorry, Mommy.'  So he knew (which actually made me a little more upset), but I can say that he did what I told him.. When I was putting his undies on before nap I said, 'Ok dude, you have undies on, so don't get any poopy or pee pee on your bed.'  And guess what.. That was the one place in the whole room that was still 'poop-free'. 

And of course, like an hour later he came running up to me, 'Mommy, poopy' and ran to the toilet and went potty!  Ahhh.. So annoying! 

So obviously I am having some potty training issues that I have been dealing with, but I have come to the decision that we will praise immensely when he goes on the potty (he got two handfuls of mini marshmallows yesterday when he went) and not even say a word when he has an accident.  It is just so annoying because we had NO accidents for the longest time and I know he knows better, but I guess I will let him 'win' this power struggle because I really don't feel like doing that again. 

I will be sure to keep you all updated on Parker's Adventures with Poop.  Hopefully it will be a happy ending!

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