Friday, July 22, 2011

Look What I Made... Friday?

Ok. Ok. Ok.. I know I have been a huge slacker, but I am hoping to get caught up on this blog... Today! So, I grace you with... Look What I Made Friday.  I know Monday has a better ring to it, but seriously.. Mondays don't get along too well with me and the two rug rats. So I will work on it! Haha..

What did I make, you ask?  On my beloved Pinterest I found an adorable project... A melted crayon picture.  Ok, let's get started.

You will need:
some matting paper cut to the size of the frame
a canvas frame or shadow box (I used a 16x20)
a box of crayons (I found that the box of 48 works great for my size of frame)
some strong glue (I used AQUA Liquid Glue)

I laid the colors out, as best as I could, in rainbow order. However, I suggest you do it in reverse rainbow order, so when you hang the picture it is the right way (I will explain later).  I used the black, gray and white, but I didn't use all of the brows they gave me.  Honestly, they were too hard to put in the right order! Haha...

Glue the crayons down, I used a piece of the matting paper to make sure they were all stright.  I orginally started by putting glue on each crayon.  Dumb.  That too way too long.  So, I put clue directly onto the paper in long lines and then put the crayons on.  Much better!

However, this is what I meant when I said I would do the rainbow backwards when I was glueing them down.  Well, too late now!

The directions said to put it in the sun and wait.  So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.  Ben was very intrigued by this point and we both are pretty impatient people, so I resorted to using the blowdryer to melt the crayons. 

(This isn't the best picture.. Sorry!)
The blowdryer gave it more of a runny effect.  I didn't like it as much before, but I'm growing to love my 'mistake.'  When you're blowdrying the crayons, be sure to just do the tips and make sure you're pointing the dryer as straight down as possible.  I suggest leaning the picture against the mirror or wall so good old gravity can help also.  Let the crayons completely dry again and then mount the picture into your frame.

My masterpiece hanging in the playroom!  I love all of the contrast of it... The colors, the white and the think black frame.  I also love that it matches perfectly with our playroom!

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!
If you would like to see the original inspiration, please check out:

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