Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sorry that I have been such a slacker this week! I swear I have my topics and stuff, but between chasing around the two rug rats and rearranging bedrooms (something that makes me feel like I redecorated without spending any money) I am dead tired! A quick note about today/me/the boys....

Ok, so like I said, I rearranged bedrooms and now the Two Peas are sharing a room and, from what I can tell, loving it! I never knew when would be a good time to have them share, and frankly they don't need to, we have plenty of space, but I think now was the perfect time! Today, during nap time, we heard them giggling so Ben peeked in their room and they were playing peek-a-boo through Preston's crib. Awww... So cute! Then I went up a few mintutes later (the fun hater, that a mom must be) and they were both sound asleep! Awww... Even more cute!

I know I have mentioned on Facebook how excited I am to watch them grow together, but I really mean it! Preston is trying so hard to keep up with Parker, literally... He was speed crawling behind Parker while he rode a car around the house and sad to say, it is kind of cute when Parker is playing with something and Preston ruins it. I of course rush over when a mediator is needed, but that is always following an 'Ah Man! No touch Preston!' Yes, my children are too damn cute!

Well, I am off to bed, but I promise to hit you guys up with some good posts this week... I made a crayon poster (it of course didn't turn out the way it was supposed to, but it is still frame worthy in this house) and I also want to touch on the subject (thanks for the request) of the guilt I have been having with the boys and their nutrition....

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