Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello Preston, It's Nice to Have Finally Met You

The last few months I have been battling the fact that not all babies are the same.  Yes, I knew that, but now I'm really 'learning' that.

Reading with Auntie Shelly

Parker, no joke, was a robot baby. He ate like a champ, slept like a bear and overall was a very content boy.  Then came along the second PRK....

I am not having any issues with eating, unless you count that he eats too much.  Seriously, the kid out eats every other member of our family.  Sleeping isn't an issue (anymore).  I guess it never really was an issue, but when your first child sleeps through the night at four months, you get a little spoiled.  Luckily, Littlest P-Man goes down very easily and is now sleeping through the night and waking VERY, VERY happy. 

An example of pure joy!

I guess our issue came down to his personality. His very vocal and stubborn personality to be exact.  When he wants something, he will let you know until he gets it.  I am learning that just because he's being loud, doesn't mean he's 'that' upset.  Seriously.. The kid is always grunting.  Granted, he is on the move a lot lately and I know I would be tuckered out if I was working on crawling, standing and walking.  However, it gets kind of old to listen to all day.  So, that covers the time when he's 'not' upset, but the times when he is upset... Whoa!  Get out of his way.  Like I said, he knows what he wants, when he wants it and he will let you know until he gets it.  And it doesn't help that the little brat wants it 'his' way and no one elses...

Preston started 'screaming' (I call it screaming because we have a very quiet house, but I know it's not screaming compared to most other houses).  I figured he wanted something to drink.  I offered him a sippy cup, without remembering that I have let him drink from a cup before.  As I hand him the sippy cup, he looks at me like I just spit in his face.  He looks me in the eye and 'screams' again.  I knew he wanted some water, so I got him a regular cup and offered that to him.  The little punk grabbed the glass, put it to his mouth (with me helping), took a big drink and then laughed like a mad person.  Then he continued to drink from the cup until it was all gone.  I know that is just one example (and it's not even that 'big' of a deal), but that is my point.. It's only one example.  I know these are traits that he will probably benefit from later in life, but until recently (and by recently, I mean less than a week) these were traits that were driving me insane (see previous post).  I guess we will just have to learn a better way to communicate because I love the Preston that I am getting to know more and more everyday.

Standing on his own by the boys' kitchen...
A very proud moment for him!

The kid has the biggest grin and the most infectious laugh and his comical personality is starting to show.  I thought Parker was a little joker, but I think Preston might take the cake for that one.  It is so much fun to see those two feed off each other and I cannot wait to watch their relationship grow.  Preston may also take the prize for being our biggest adrenaline junky...  He was eating a cracker and started coughing.  He is a very good eater (he 'chews' really good), so I wasn't too worried.  But then he coughed a second and a third time.  I was rushing over to scoop him up when he coughed out the cracker and then just started laughing hystarically.  I don't know if it was the thrill of choking or watching me rush and be so worried, but either way, I guess it was super funny.  And I guess I better get used to two boys scaring me half to death....

I obviously don't know what our future will bring and I could be cursing this child tomorrow, but right now Preston and I are in a very good place and I am SO excited to see what our future brings.  These two boys have taught me so much about myself and it is so fulfilling to see their individual personalities come out more and more everyday.  It is just a very heartwarming sneak peek into what our family's relationships may look like.

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  1. Second child syndrome...watch out!! lol Sign language helps keep the demands manageable around here with Max, but man oh man does that kid know what he wants and boy oh boy you better get it for him! :D They're totally different than those rule-following firsts, that's for sure.