Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So.. I'm trying this whole 'Be all you can be as a Mommy thing,' but the only way I can really start on my journey to... Hum... Let's call it 'Mommyhood Bliss'.. is to get real. I am enrolling myself in a mommyhood self help boot camp. I want to learn to accept the things that are out of my control and fix the things that I can so I can live a happier and healthier life. The following is my disclaimer on life. As time goes by and I hopefully grow into this whole mommyhood thing, I will try to update this list to the best of my ability. For now, it is a work in progress... A lot like my life!

*I will start with the obvious... I love my children more than life itself. I don't know where I would be without them, I don't know who I'd be without them, and even with all the crap (literally crap) that I put up with in my day to day life I could not imagine one moment without them.
*Another that I hope is obvious.. I am madly in love with my husband. Yes, he often drives me insane and at times I feel like I have three children (under the age of 5, may I add), there is not anyone else that I can think of that I would want by my side through all of this. He is such a hardworking and loving man and he is so amazing well with our children. I truly didn't expect him to be such a wondeful father.
*I feel lucky for the things I have. I am 23! (This may come across as shallow, warning) But, I enjoy having nice things and I am very thankful for the home that I live in, the car that I drive and all the other little things that make my life easier and more enjoyable.
*Family and tradition means the world to me. I want my kids to grow up knowing who they are, where they came from and as corny as it sounds.. I want to have some amazing traditions. I don't just mean Christmas, but anytime I can think of a great way to honor my children and my family, I want to do it.

Sounds perfect right... Well, I said I had to get real, so here's the continued disclaimer of my main shortcomings (from my point of view)...
*My children drive me bonkers! (I don't think I really need to explain myself to other mothers on this topic)
*I feel like I often fail as a mommy, wife and homemaker. Parker LOVES tv and I am worried that I over use that as an outlet for 'Mommy Free Time.' Honestly, it's not like he sits in front if it for hours or anything, but I hear about families that watch 'no tv' and I judge myself on that. My poor husband gets the left over attention that I have. 'You want a kiss? Sorry, I hear the baby crying. I'll be right back.' Poor guy most likely didn't know what he was getting himself into! And on the homemaker note... Don't even get me started! I don't remember the last time I vaccumed and the only reason the house got dusted today was because I showed Parker how to do it.
*I often compare myself to other mommies (see above).

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  1. If you don't feel like you're failing as a mom, it's because you don't care :) We've all been there, and the ones who say they haven't are lying!

    When it comes to tv, every kid is different, every family is different. The fact that some families don't ever watch it doesn't make it wrong for your family to watch it.

    And you should definitely come over to our house if you want to feel good about your dust! I've never shown Jackson how to dust because I'm not sure if I remember how. :D