Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome, Won't You Stay Awhile?

I just want to warn whoever has stumbled onto to this blog, that it may be best to turn around and... Run! However, if you feel the need to watch a helpless mother stumble, dust herself off and try again.. Maybe you should get comfortable and get ready to take a journey with me. Don't ask where we're going, and don't ask me when we'll get there, just be ready to hopefully get some humor and maybe a little inspiration out of the day to day life of one mom. To be completely honest, I am doing this for my two children and myself. I am hoping that this online 'journal' will someday help to show them how much they mean to me and how exciting, yet terrifying, it has been to raise them.
I may say some things that may offend, humor, and as I said before, hopefully inspire other people or mommies out there, so please bare with me and keep in mind that most of what I say is being said after a long day with little sleep!

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