Saturday, February 26, 2011

Step One...

The first step to getting what you want out of life is this...
Decide what you want.
-Ben Stein

My next challenge on the journey to 'mommyhood bliss' is figuring out my priorities and putting them in their place (so to speak).

There are so many things I have been pondering, and after a great deal of thinking there is only one thing I'm sure of (and very happy to report).... Laundry is NOT my highest priority!

I feel like a lot of the priorities I have in mind coincide with each other, but let's see where this topic takes me...

Priority Requiring My Upmost Attention...
Spending Quality Time With My Family
Ben and I have already talked about having days with no distractions... No cell phones, no tv, no computers. As hard as it may be (I may have to sneak onto facebook during nap time), I am very excited to see what things the Kelley family can get themselves into. Obviously this 'test' would be a lot easier in the summer, but where would the challenge in that be? I want this priority to be more than just one day, of course, so I have decided to plan one family outing at least once a month and at least four out-of-town outings a year. Not to mention, giving each other undivided attention in the comfort of our own home.

Spending Quality Time With Ben
He'll be happy to hear this! Not that we're having problems, but it is amazing how two little ones can hinder your adult time and consume your conversations. I am hoping to have at least one date night a month and one night a month where we go out with another couple (I am taking applications for our couple's dates now, you can contact me via email, text, telephone or good ol facebook). You never know.. Kelley Baby Numero Tres may be soon to follow if this is given TOO much priority(sorry for the visual).

Work On My Own Personal Growth/Spiritual Growth
(Refer to previous post)
I am learning that I need to take care of myself before I can take care if my family. I may not get a shower before them, or even eat before them, but damn... I will fulfill my needs too! My New Years resolution was to go to church more often than I did last year, and so far... Not so good. However, I am vowing go change that. (There, public record that I know I need to change). I am personally Catholic but if anyone has any suggestions on a great church, I figure something is better than nothing. In all seriousness though, I am not the Christian who wants to argue over who said what, and what happened when... I just want to find people, like me, who just want to do some good and give my children the opportunity to grow in whatever spiritual direction they chose!

Children's Personal Growth
(Also refer to previous post)
I want my boys to be the best little people they can be (or at least WANT to be at a specific moment). They deserve to be given the tools (and shown how to use them) to help in making this family a well oiled machine.

Indulging My Interests/Passions
There are so many things I have set on the back burner and I think it is about time they are done simmering behind the mac and cheese and endless loads of laundry. I want to plug in my Cricut, pour a glass of wine and enjoy some great company as I document the boy's lives (I'm talking about scrap booking for those who might be confused). I also want to start reading more and hopefully I will be able to continue this blog, no... I WILL continue this blog because it has become a priority! I am woman, hear me roar! (Whoa... I really don't know where that came from. My hormones must still be off balance from birthing Littlest Man)

I am going to bunch these next few together because I think they overlap so much...
Having Fun/Social Support/Self Care
Ok, so I can easily name some wonderful ladies (social support) with whom I would like to pour a glass of wine (have fun) and get a pedicure (self care) with. If you think you are one of these ladies and are interested in helping me to become a better mommy, please call, text or write!

Volunteer Work
I am truly hoping to find a (or a few) cause that I would be willing to dive into. It sounds selfish, but I feel like I have been stretched so thin lately that I could not have handled one more obligation. However, I am working to be a more generous person, so I think I can give up a few hours of my time here and there for those who need support the most.

Now, all I need to do is stick to this. For those of you who know Ben, you might know that he hates having things on the front of refrigerators, but 'Sorry Ben, I might need a daily reminder of the things I need to make time for.' He's on the list though, so he can't be too mad!

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  1. I'm with you on all counts! I was really involved in church until babies came and life got crazy. Then Jackson didn't like to be left in the nursery with strangers (can you blame him?) and we just quit going because all I did was sit in there with him while Nick was in the service alone. :( But I really want to get back to it now that he's older and able to separate. We went to Crossroads Church ( in Waite Park and loved it. Maybe we could try to plan a week we could go together? Buddy system usually works :)

    And anytime you want to go out and grab a drink, you let me know! The moms group I lead is having Moms Night Out at RJs next Saturday at 7 if you want to come.

    I find I get as much from volunteering than I give. It's amazing how something that takes your time and energy can actually give you more energy. What a great goal!