Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanks... For Lighting the Fire

There are so many people in the world that I envy (shallow, I know), but the things I envied people for just a few years ago seem like nothing compared to the things I envy people over now. Of course, I cant deny money and material items make others' lives seem so much more appealing, but the biggest thing I envy over now it's a cute sweater or cool cell phone... It's the way they raise their children (or appear to at least). I know I do the best I can for my children, or at least I think I do, but then I see some moms who don't lose their cool, have some of the most respectful children I have ever seen, and on top of that, they seem to have all the answers... I know they're drowning in mommyhood just as bad as I am, but I want to thank them. They have lit a fire under my ass that makes me want to be the best damn parent there is. A friend of mine recently shared how much of a 'real' parent she is compared to the facad that I portrayed her in my mind to be, and she thought that we should all share our times where our names could be anywhere but on the nomination for the 'The Mommy of the Year' award, and she's right. Not that I found joy in the fact that she has hard times too, but I found joy in the fact that I'm not alone... Even the most 'put together' mom has times where she feels like everything is stacked against her. However, with that in mind, she finds other, and sometimes better, solutions to the day to day problems that she runs into while raising children, running a house, and still being the wife her husband married years ago.

So, thanks again to you moms who have inspired me to be my children's Super Mom, who isn't afraid to admit that she doesn't have all of the answers...

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  1. For the record, you always look very put together, your son is so sweet and respectful (did you see him give toys to Max today?), and you even look like you've showered when I see you (now you're just showing off). The fact that you've chosen to be with your children 24/7 proves that you're Mommy of the Year, even on your bad days (although it also proves that you're insane, because if anyone saw our job description they'd run for the hills long before they found out there was no pay!)