Sunday, February 20, 2011

So, after some much debating, I decided to let Preston sleep with me last night. I know, I know.. I could smother him, he could get too dependent, and all of the other things that pediatricians say.. But you know else could happen... I could get some AMAZING sleep! Awww.. It is insane how sane I feel after a good night of sleep. Grouchy mom? Not me! And guess what, I didn't even smother him! So, after a little pep talk (refer to previous post)... I have realized that I know what is best for my family and I. Yes, I fully understand that in a few weeks when Preston sleeps in his own bed at nighttime (in my defense, he sleeps in his crib for naps) it could very difficult for me to transition him, but I needed to realize that an energized mommy is a happy mommy, and a happy mommy is a happy household. So, for all of you that want to look down at me, or judge me, I want you to have a new baby, a teething toddler and a husband that is out of town four or five nights a week and I'm sure you will also do whatever is in your power to get that extra hour of UNINTERRUPTED sleep. Believe me, it is great!

On a lighter note (everything seems to be lighter today), Parker is talking so much and I could not be more proud. A few new words everyday, and I sm still unsure where he has learned some of them. 'Mouse,' I don't think I have ever said that word in front of him, but today he pointed to Mickey and said it, so I guess someone is teaching him something! Also, potty training is picking up steam again. Flushing isn't the luxury it used to be, so I have tongue level of giving him an M&M every time he has a successful 'visit.' I thought I was going to gouge my eyeballs out for awhile there.. 'For the love child, poop goes in the potty, not on Mommy's brand new carpet!' However, I have made a mental note to remind myself that he isn't even two yet and there are so many things that he is learning each day and so many distractions in his daily life that I shouldn't be surprised if he doesn't make it every time. Heck, I have days where I forget to go to the bathroom until the moment I sit down to give Prestonhis bottle and by that point I could probably pee my pants also. All in all, he is an amazingly smart kid and I need go recognize all of his strengths and acheievements instead of the times he doesnt immediately succeed at things.

So... Thus far today, it has been a great day. Let's see what tomorrow has in store for me!


  1. *** I have stooped to the level of giving him an M&M, sorry about that...

  2. Really? You don't teach him all those words? I seriously imagine you sitting down with him for hours a day having little toddler school lessons! Weston's lack of vocab has been making me feel like a crappy mom; like I'm not doing enough to adaquately teach him things. I've been trying to fathum how you find the time to instill so much knowledge into Parker. I feel better knowing that he picks this stuff up on his own and that you don't have an elite cirriculum you're following...whew!


  3. Ella slept with me untill she was almost 7 months old..... putting a small baby in crib at night is only done in very few places in the world.....and is stressful for small babies. Having baby in bed with you is not only good for baby its good for you! I could not imagine going to another room at night to take care of a newborn. I think it would make sleep harder as well as your always worried about not hearing them.

    Using Ella as an example.... It was not hard to transition to a crib and she is NOT a dependent kid. There have been so many studies that say co-sleeping has many health/mental benefits for mom and baby. Many cosleeping advocates also believe that cosleeping, as a component of natural, or attachment, parenting ultimately leads to more confident and independent children (Sears, 1995 and Thevenin, 1987). I am a pretty strong avacate for attachment parenting. Everything that I have read just makes evolutionary sense. Ok.... time to stop or this will become an essay!

  4. ^^What she said! Babies are designed to be with their mommies, and nighttime doesn't change that. If you want to have a little ammo to back yourself up, McKenna did a ton of research on the benefits of co-sleeping. His book, "Sleeping With Your Baby" is a really short read. But ultimately, almost every single person you know has brought their baby into their bed. It's just the few the proud and the brave who admit it, knowing they're doing what's best for their babies and themselves. ;) Screw the "shoulds" people want to put on you!

    Aaaahhhh, poo on the carpet. I remember it like it was yesterday. They all get it in their own time and for every two steps forward, there's one step back. Getting used to flexible expectations has been a challenge for me, especially when there's poo involved.