Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Another Monday?

Why is that on the day that your child (who usually gets up by seven) decides to sleep in until almost eight-thirty, and the one that usually sleeps in until eight decides to get up by seven? Children, children.. Can we plan this a little better next time?

At least Parker had a very successful day on the potty! No accidents, dry after nap, and he even stopped playing to tell me that he hd to go! Isn't it crazy that poop in the toilet instead of on the floor can magically make your day go so much smoother?

So, I was sitting there, feeding Preston while Parker was demanding my attention and I told Preston that I can't wait for the day when he can hold his own bottle. As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I wanted to take it back. Sure, holding a bottle isn't always the most fun, but bonding with one of my children is. Parker is at such a fun age and I feel guilty that I think Preston is 'boring' and I am already trying to make him grow up faster than he already is. So, I've decided that I will take any interaction with the little man that I can and I will treasure it! It is only a matter of time before Preston doesn't 'need' his momma and I will be fighting for any snuggle time that I can get.

Thought a day could go perfectly? Ha.. Yeah, when that happens for you, be sure to let me know, so I will know that they exist! So.. Good Momma was trying to be productive while the boys slept. I went to shovel the sidewalk while the boys soundly slept, but instead I came into the house to a screaming infant, a toddler yelling, 'Momma, Baby' while he stands at the gate in his bedroom door, and two dogs pacing, most likely wondering what in the world is going on! I felt so bad! The poor guy was so upset that he was sweating. Luckily, he is just like his brother and a something as simple as a warm bottle and his 'silky blankie' can calm almost anything that mommyhood throws at me!

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