Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I got to celebrate my birthday.. The big 2-4! Whoa! Anyways.. My idea of 'celebrating' has become like night and day comparable to the way I celebrated sans children. 

So, the night before my birthday, as I was tucking Parker in, I was telling him that tomorrow would be my birthday and that he should say 'Happy Birthday' to me because that would make me really happy (he has been upsessed with describing feelings lately). Sidenote, yes.. I told someone to say 'happy birthday' to me and no, I am not the least bit shameful about it! Well, Preston woke up at 6am, the usual, but instead of doing the usual (getting up with him), I decided to give him a bottle and see if he'd just go back to sleep (or atleast I would get a few more minutes of quiet).  I am happy to report that it was a huge success.. I rolled over to look at the alarm clock when I heard him babbling again and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was 7:45.  I grabbed the little bugger and we headed downstairs to start our day.  We were going to be joining some friends at a local petting zoo, so I started getting ready.  I was expecting Parker to come down, but he didn't... I even went up to wake him up and said something along the lines, 'Hey dude.  You ready to get up and go see some friends?'  His reply? 'No. Sleep.' And he rolled over and went back to bed.  Like mother, like son, I guess...  Oh well, I went back downstairs to continue to get everything ready for our day.  A little while later Parker walks down the stairs (wearing the biggest smile on his face and his typical morning 'do) and said, 'Appy Birfday Mommy! You happy now?'  My heart melted.. A few tears were shed (I am tearing up now, again).  And we gave each other a big bear hug.  I don't know how the kid remembers stuff like that, but either way.. I love it.  Anyways, we got dressed and headed out the door...

The weather was perfect, if anything.. A little chilly.  But since I had Littlest Monster on my back, I was so excited that it wasn't 90*, or even 75* for that matter. We hung out there for a few hours; feeding animals, petting animals, getting lost in a maze (Molly, next time I vote we do the kid's one), and having lunch.  The boys were so good, it was insane.  Don't get me wrong, they ususally are super good, and maybe I was just noticing it more because I was in a good mood.  Whatever the reasoning, I loved it.  It was one of the best birthday presents I got!  Parker finished off his visit with a Superman icecream cone and we headed home to catch up with Daddy.

Parker feeding the most adorable miniture donkey!

The Two Peas after the train ride!

Yes, the goat is chewing on his finger.  Two seconds later Preston was face down and three goats were climbing all over him.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of it, but my motherly insticts kicked in too quickly!

After playing at home for a little bit, we headed to (where else) Crafts Direct.  My heaven on Earth.  Again, the boys were so good.  I don't know what got into them.  They didn't make a peep the whole time we were there!  I could have stayed there for hours (for more reasons than one).  We ran a few more errands and I came back home to a surprise waiting for me...


Ben told me that he had a lot of work to do, so I expected to make dinner and do all that jazz.  Not the case, Mr. Kelley had some great gifts lined up for me on the table, but one the best gifts.. Telling me to go relax and 'take the night off'.  I quickly ran upstairs to finish his anniversary gift (in silence) while he made dinner.  After a delicious dinner with some amazing conversation and tons of giggles (from all of us), Ben gave the boys their baths.  It is crazy that something so little can mean so much when you're the one who has to do it day after day...

Giggle Monster #2

After putting the kids to bed we cuddled up to watch, again... my favorite, True Blood.  For those of you who aren't hooked, get hooked. And believe me, your husbands will be more than willing to watch it with you.. Haha ; )

I went to bed feeling so thankful for so many things.  These last couple of years have been so great and I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for me.  It was definately a birthday for the record books (spending my birthday in Ireland is a close second)...

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