Thursday, August 18, 2011

Very Productive Morning...

.... does that mean I am done for the day?

Today I feel like I have a lot to say, but not much time to say it.. The boys are playing quietly (maybe too quietly) in the playroom, so I figured I would try to get a little in before lunch.

First of all, after some time (ok, a lot of time), I am back with another thing I love..

My Cricut

Mine is the Cricut Expression and it is amazing.  When I first bought it, I had the intentions of using it just for scrapbooking.  However, I never used it! I was scared that Ben wouldn't let me get another gadget if I didn't start using it.  At the same time, I started doing more crafts and not just scrapbooking.  That is when the clouds parted and I saw how truly awesome this thing is.

I have started using it for everything...

vinyl stickers for the walls of the playroom
(I ran out of black vinyl, so that project isn't completed yet... surprise, surprise!)


decorations and crafts for the kids
(what kid doesn't like his name on stuff?)

There are all different cartridges that you can buy and with each of those comes fonts, shapes, sayings.. I recently bought an animal one (see bunny above) and a paper doll set. 

To be honest, it isn't cheap, but if you have lots of ideas (like me), it will totally pay for itself!  I am still 'just getting to know' my machine, but if you have any questions, let me know and I can try to help you figure some stuff out!


Parker and I were working up a craft storm this morning...

I finished my button monogram shadowbox...

I cut out shapes and more words for the playroom...

Parker made a beautiful picture and got to glue is name on it...

And we even made this cute little guy!

I also spray painted a picture frame and put this decoration together...

Finished up some cards that I was working on...

And cut out some color decals for the playroom
(I need to buy some different colored vinyl, though)

So we were obviously busy while Preston slept, but not too busy to fit in some workbook time!  I bought Parker a workbook from Target a few months ago and from time to time he likes to sit down and do a couple pages out of there.  Today he opened to the back and pick the questionnaire page.  It is meant for the child to fill out on their own once they completed the book, but it was pretty dang cute how excited he got when he saw a firefighter, so how could I say no?  His answers:
My favorite food is: Chocolate Sandwiches
(that is a given)
My favorite color is: Green
(I was surprised, seeing as his obsession went from purple to orange, and now I guess green)
My favorite animal is a: Donkey
(I have absolutely NO idea where this came from)
My favorite thing to do outside is: Swim
(understandable.. Even though he has been swimming like once this whole summer)
My favorite thing to do inside is: Workbooks
(Seriously.. I didn't prompt in on any of these.. This kid seriously cracks me up)

He later told me that the bunny we cut out with the Cricut is his new best friend, 'What? Ok...' I said to him, very confused, but then he said, 'You can be my friend too Mommy.' What a sweetheart, right?


Both the boys have been such good kids lately.  Not that they aren't usually, but lately they have been more so than ever.  I just can't believe how big they are getting... Preston just climbed the stairs yesterday (with me standing right behind him) all the way to the second floor.  Yikes!  Mommy is not ready for this.  It is just so cute to watch the boys interact with each other.. Yes, they already have the moments where they wrestle and grab each other, but then there are times like this morning... Preston was in his walker and cruised over to Parker, who was eating breakfast and Parker says, 'Here you go Preston.  You like it.' as he feeds him a fork full of eggs.  Come on.. How much cuter could they be?

Parker has been driving me a little crazy with his talking lately.. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that he loves to learn and is so curious about things, but seriously.. A moment of silence every once in awhile would be nice too!  Yesterday, while we were in the car he said to me, 'Mommy, I miss you.'  I said, 'But I am right here honey.  He said, 'I can't talk to you, the radio is too loud.'  So I turned it down and said, 'Is this better?' 
'Lower.'  He said.  'Lower.' He repeated as I turned it down more.  He finally said, 'Radio off please, Mommy?' I turned it off and waited for the very important conversation he wanted to have with me.. It never came.  Instead, he looked me in the eye (through the rear view mirror) and said, 'Hi, Mommy!'  I of course started crying (tearing up, in my defense) because he is so cute and all he really needed was a minute of my undivided attention.  It is just sometimes hard to give him because, well, he doesn't shut up.  I mean that with the most respect.... I don't mind doing puzzles, playing with cars, building forts, playing with the dollhouse, but right now he LOVES having everything talk as we play.  'Hi. How are you?' he says every time he grabs another toy for me to play with.  And if I don't respond he just gets closer and closer to my face, while repeating, 'How are you?' until I finally say something.  Ahhhhh....

I guess I would rather have him talking my ear off, and learning more and more new words everyday than not have the desire to gain more knowledge at all.  But seriously.. Can't there be a happy medium? Haha..

Sorry, but another couple of cute stories..
We were driving to Ben's dad's house last weekend and the town we were going through has having some road construction done.  Actually, they were burying new sewer pipes, but anyways.  Parker looks out the window and says, 'Look Mom!  There's a excavator.  And a dump truck. And a loader.  They're digging a drainage ditch.'  No joke... And sadly, he was right. 

Parker isn't the only one with cute stories, though.  We have been working on sign language with Preston (he isn't signing back, but atleast he smiles when I sign the right thing)... Anyways, his new favorite thing to do is clap everytime we say 'Yay!' Seriously.. It is the cutest thing in the world!  The other day he pulled himself up and started cruising on the couch.  He stopped, looked back at me said started clapping.  So. Freakin. Cute!

I guess I am just in a good mood today because these guys can't seem to do wrong. Haha.. Right... But they are atleast being very enjoyable to be around (sadly, though, that could all change after naps)...

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